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We're creating a new, women-centric conversation about health 

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Most women turn to the internet for health information, advice, and support. But how effective is the content they're being met with?

We analyse digital content around women's health topics — products, services, conditions, and more — and identify how effective it is. We look at what information is missing, which aspects of health are being overlooked, and the meaning attached to what's being said.

We're shining a light on how well, and poorly, this 'digital conversation' meets the holistic picture of women's health needs.

The Femedic values social, cultural, political, emotional, and environmental factors alongside the physical as intersecting and equally as impactful on a woman's health outcomes.

Our services


Discover the types of meaning attached to your product or service, or topics relevant to them, within the digital conversation. What emotional context does your product sit within?


Bespoke consultancy for health and women-focused brands, for content and digital strategy and digital communications.


Reach our wide, engaged, and growing audience with relevant content that's of genuine interest to them.


The Femedic provides sub-editing guidance and support for brands producing article content or copy.

We work with health, women, and socially-focused brands and organisations.

Nature's best

"We were one of the first partners to work with The Femedic, at the early stages we could see the potential of the platform and the content plans Monica and team had outlined were both exciting and relevant to our aims. The team are really focused on giving partners full transparency on how investment is spent, and are keen to demonstrate the value of your investment. Its been good to watch the platform go from strength to strength in such a relatively short time since launch".


-Paul Ferron, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Nature's Best

Nature's Best Case Study

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