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Every aspect of your content and brand messaging carries meaning: tone, information, style, and the language you use to discuss particular topics. These are all deliberate decisions that will determine how well, and if, you will be able to connect and build trust with your audience.

The Femedic's approach to digital and content strategy investigates these factors through editorial and marketing analyses, creating actionable strategies built around your business goals.

We will uncover what is missing from the conversation around your product or service, along with how you can fill these 'gaps'. 

We offer consultancy in the following areas:

Content and digital strategy

The Femedic's audience and competitor insights work to inform a holistic digital strategy, including messaging and activity on different channels.

We are content strategy and SEO specialists — our methodology, experience analysis, was initially developed by our Founder as a way to create content that would both be of genuine value to readers and boost SEO. The Femedic was born due to the success of this methodology: it underpins and informs everything that we do.

Insights from experience analysis inform specific content titles, types, and what specific pieces of content should include.

Audience and competitor research

The Femedic's unique audience research methodology, experience analysis, investigates the nature of the questions and concerns your audience are asking about topics relevant to you, along with how well and poorly these needs are being met by competitor content.

This research will work to uncover 'gaps' in the complete experience of competitor content, along with insight on what you need to do to 'fill' them. This methodology also informs content on The Femedic website.

Brand storytelling

Your brand story needs to be consistent, clear, and compelling. As well as communicative elements that express the elements within a brand story, there are mechanisms that 'do' the actual telling of that story.

We will work with you to draw out key brand language and tone, along with messaging hot points, and guidance on how to tell this story consistently throughout the customer journey.

Setting up your 'marketing machine'

Once we have established the goal we want each of our digital channels to achieve, and defined a strategy in how they will do this, we need to define how much work and resource is required. This work, and how it is spread over time, is your 'marketing machine'.

We will work with you to establish processes and scheduling that will keep the 'machine' running, along with defining the resources you will need to achieve your goals. Where you have limited resource available, we will work with you to prioritise certain activity and strategies.

Workshops and bespoke programmes

We run interactive workshops and bespoke training and awareness programmes about women's health and women's health-related topics, including:

  • Gender inequality in healthcare: what are the barriers women face in receiving health care and information?
  • Workplace awareness of women's health needs
  • How social factors & inequalities impact health outcomes
  • Impacts of media coverage and language on health outcomes

"Monica brought a whirlwind of energy and an injection of a much needed, common-sense approach to our marketing strategy when she joined our team at Kindred. She has provided critical direction for our business through her innovative and bespoke marketing research methods, and her output of quality work is exceptionally high. Hiring Monica will raise the bar for your entire team as they will need to race to keep up with her million-miles-an-hour thinking, and brilliantly high standards."


-Anna Anderson, Co-Founder & Director, Kindred


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