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A good editor does more than fix your grammar — they tweak the structure and tone of your text in a way that best tells the story you need it to, in a tone consistent with your house style. They will make sure your text is clear, readable, and compelling.

Editorial is at the core of everything we do: The Femedic started as a media platform and all of our growth and success has emanated from our content.


  • Editing article content from your writers: tone, structure, readability, grammar, and consistency
  • Fact-checking
  • Inclusion and diversity: are you using the correct language and including all relevant groups within your discussion?
  • We are specialists in editing and fact-checking health content, particularly where it comes to medical or technical topics that require academic referencing

In-house editorial management

Let The Femedic be your in-house editor.

  • Sourcing specialist writers
  • Briefing and liaising with freelance and in-house writers
  • Sub-editing submitted pieces

Content creation

Connect and build trust with your readers through Femedic-standard content. Well-researched, clear, and compelling content for your digital or print channels.

  • Producing articles from your content plan
  • Copywriting: web and product copy

What makes a good story?

The Femedic was founded because the information available online about women's health was not properly centred around them: it was not acknowledging the breadth of factors that impact their health and so, not properly telling their stories.

The Femedic is our platform for telling these stories in the depth and complexity deserved.


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