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Searching for answers and support online via digital content is the first step in most women's care journeys. Yet we have very little understanding of how effective this content is, or the impacts it has.

The Femedic's intelligence services — based on our unique research methodology, experience analysis — decode implicit and explicit meaning in the language and imagery used in digital health content. We investigate the types of meaning made and communicated, that are attached to a given product, service, or topic.

Intelligence reports

Our reports will uncover the types of meaning attached to your product or service, or to a particular topic that is relevant to you:

  • What emotional context does your product sit within?
  • What is the cultural significance of your product?
  • How does the digital conversation around your product communicate 'health'?
  • How does this conversation fail to address your audience's needs?
  • What is missing from this conversation?

We will complete a bespoke investigation depending on your business goals, that will outline how you can create communications that truly hear, understand, serve, and connect with your audience.

Coming soon:

Content intelligence tool

The Femedic is currently developing a research tool that can be used to instantly analyse the content landscape around particular health topics.

The tool is estimated to be available in 2021. 

"The conversation about women's health has historically been something barked at us, rather than something that is lead by and centres around us. Social inequalities exacerbate health inequalities, and gender is no exception: women face significant access barriers to health care and information.

Access to reliable, supportive, and accurate information, that meets the complete picture of our health needs, can help to overcome some of these barriers.

I created the Femedic to shine a light on how digital content needs to change so that we can achieve this."


-Monica Karpinski, Founder, The Femedic

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